follow up to BIpap/Cpap

  1. hi ladies. For your bag o' tricks when working with the bipap/cpap mask manufacture suggestion for bruising or leakage. Attache a foam spacer for forehead or bridge of nose, Can also use microfoam tape or duoderm around pressure areas as a barrier between skin and mask
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Only problem with foam spacers is they rarely last past 3 months and insurances only want to pay for yearly supplies in my experience!
  4. by   RoAbreu
    I wear a CPAP, and my mask irritated my nose bridge at first. The problem with putting anything on the nose is that it potentially breaks the seal, which causes air to go in the eyes, not in the nose... I solved my problem by using TAD, I just cut a little strip of film and stuck it on the bridge of my nose, it reduced the friction and I just took it off in the shower the next morning. Potentially if the person is bedbound they could leave a TAD on for a few days, it's not that obvious.

    If you're doing "home engineering" they can use Nexcare bandaids, the ones with transparent adherent dressings, and just take the pad out before applying it.