considering going back into the field

  1. After having our company downsize repeated positions my position has turned into this monster:

    QM nurse
    risk managment nurse
    staff development nurse
    infection control nurse
    I do all skin tests/physicals/orientation

    We have with our staffing employees close to 300 staff. Our census is around 200 to 250 most of the time. WE are not a split company so we have a ton of Medicaid, no point of service-all paper and of course I am salaried. I work about 60 to 70 hours per week.

    I am thinking of going back into the field. Has anyone ever done that? I know I am being taken advantage of as far as the company now which burns me.

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  3. by   megsquirrel

    You'd certainly do better finacially, not to mention physically, if you went back into the field. The 60-70 hour work weeks would probably only drop to 50 hours or so, given the current climate of home health nursing, but I'll bet you'd consider 50 hours a week a "vacation" at this point.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear we work for the same company. When our CM's went salary they weren't told in advance....they were told they had "new" time sheets to fill out.....the next week they were salaried.

    We all know reimbursement is down, home health patient acuity is up, there is a shortage of nurses and that we have to be "flexible." But there is a point, and your agency has gone w-a-y past it with you.

    I'm currently looking for a new job. Hopefully I'll fnd something at least half-way reasonable. If not, I'll take a much-higher-paying hospital postion.....if I'm going to be driven straight up the wall, I may as while make it worth my while.

  4. by   nightingale
    Quote from renerian
    I am thinking of going back into the field. Has anyone ever done that? I know I am being taken advantage of as far as the company now which burns me.

    Oh Renerian:

    You obviously have SO much to offer. I feel your pain. I am certain this is going on all around the country. I am tired of it being blamed on reimbursement etc.

    I am certain you would do better with per diem or PRN hourly. I am doing that and do very well some weeks. I am slowly trying to weed out more of the good and nix the bad or turn it into something better.

    I hope you find what is more fair and profitable for you!

  5. by   homesrus
    Our average daily census is 260 and there are at least two other people beside myself to do those jobs(and I feel overworked!!) I think about staff nursing alot. I think all the downsizing has hit you hard and your mental health is so much more important than the job. You need a vacation!!! Then make a decision.
  6. by   renerian
    Thanks everyone for your input. One of our wonderful nurses (you know who you are-big smile) talked to me today and I feel better. I am trying to figure out time management. Yes I am still considering the field work. I enjoyed patient care very much. Some things are rusty I have not done in a long time, almost 2 years but heck I have done it before.

    Everyone have a great night!

  7. by   nightingale
    Glad you worked it out with the help of a friend Ren! Heh, I get free minutes here in Colorado and would love to chat sometime... if you ever need a sounding board... by golly... I'm here
  8. by   renerian
    Nice to know. Do you ever go to the chat room? AT least I can get in this one, the other one I could not.

    I have been in there a few times.

  9. by   nightingale
    I need to work on that some more. I have had a problem getting in this chat room (but I could get into the other one) hmmm.... I installed the google pop up blocker and I think it has something to do with that. I will work it out and it would be great to chat in the room.

    With all your experience Ren... I hope your company knows how lucky they are.

    Gas prices going up, summer heat in the car... you stay where you are happy... true, so true, I do love the patient care.
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  10. by   renerian
    I think the chat room is java based isn't it? I am not sure. I am off to work. Have a good day everyone!