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  1. by   1angie
    undefined Hello. My name is Angie. I am working for self as a Private in home care giver specifically for SCI patients. In 1989 I went to a non accredited scholl to get my MA certificate. Worked in a hospital for 3 years in the Laboratory then got out of the field foe several years to have children and worked as a waitress here and there. A couple of years i yearned to get back in nursing in some aspect so I signed up with Home Health care agency. The pay was awful so I was getting ready to move on when the family I was working with wanted to hire me privatly as there caregiver for the SCI patient. That was my first experience working with SCI's and I loved it. After the family bought out my contract from the agency i worked for them for almost two years. When he passed away I contacted A RN friend and she said she knew more families who need care for thier SCI relative. I am currently getting referals through some old collegues and have two SCI families I am working with. Since there are no caregivers who specialize in this area of care, I thought it was a opportunity to tap into a market that is unchartered in my area. The problem is I don't know the legallities of working for self since I do administer oral meds and do invasive procedures like cath care and bowel programs. I am constantly researching and self educating in this type of care and read everything there is to know on SCI's. Woking for self, what do I need to know? I am so excited to find someone else who is self employed caregiver !!!!
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    Howdy, Hoolahan! No, I haven't forgotten you and I have your information almost ready to mail out--will let you know.

    I'm an LPN for 27 years -the past 10 years as a home health care nurse; I have been self-employed as a community nursing service provider for the past seven years.

    Home Health Care is, in my opinion, the ultimate nursing experience! I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

    Hope to hear from many nurses out there regarding Home Health Care and their experiences.
  2. by   lossforimagination
    HI! I've only been in HH since Sept 04, and so far, I really like it. It was a blessing in disquise when I was laid off from the hospital after having a car wreck (not my fault) and having to get a cast on my hand. They couldn't accommodate "light duty"; so I was a good target being they were laying off again (for the 2nd time in 2004).

    Hallelujah! To get the hey out MedSurg after 10 years! I was approaching the point I couldn't stand another minute of the hospital. I'm sort of ignorant about HH; but I'm the only field RN, the only other RN is the DON, so I'm having to learn fast and hopefully not make too many mistakes!
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    :hatparty: hi all! i've been a long time member of allnurses, but haven't been around in awhile so thought i'd check in, get back in the groove! .

    i have worked in home healthcare for a little over a year. i am currently in the process of opening my own home healthcare agency in east texas!

    i'll check back often!

  4. by   1angie
    [font=book antiqua]hi again hi everyone. i am responding to clueless who asked if any one worked as a private hh nures. well, i currently am doing just that. it happened quite accidently, but i have the moral backing of a couple rn friends and some of the local hospital staff. a rn friend recommended it to me. i was working for a hh agency, making beans, and i mentioned i wish i could go on my own (jokingly)she works for another agency that sets people up when they first get home from the hospital. she said there were so many people out there that could use help, she would mention me. that what she did and that is what i do. i assist sci patients exclusivley. it is an untapped market here.not alot of people are familiar with the special needs ans serious conditions associated with sci's. i have been thinking about staring my own business dealing just with these type of patients but i do not no the legalities or if it would be better to just do what i am doing. any advice out there?

    she would
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    :hatparty: hi all! i've been a long time member of allnurses, but haven't been around in awhile so thought i'd check in, get back in the groove! .

    i have worked in home healthcare for a little over a year. i am currently in the process of opening my own home healthcare agency in east texas!

    i'll check back often!

  5. by   Shell7280
    I may be just being forgetful (ie: blonde) but what is a SCI patient??
  6. by   1angie
    A SCI is a Spinal Cord Injury. It is quite challenging sometimes. That is why I like working with them. So many chamges take place in a person with a SCI. It is interesting to say the least.
  7. by   Shell7280
    And this is a largely untapped area in alot of areas? Hmmmm. Now I'm curious to know if it's untapped in my area. This does sound like an interesting area to offer service. Anyone know how untapped this is in East Texas?

  8. by   chinarain42
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    Great, thanks for your replies!

    Come you other HH nurses, check in!!
    everyone I am an LPN and have been dedicated to taking care of alzheimer's residents for 18 years as a CNA and now for 6yrs as an LPN this has always been my love, speaking of HH tommorrow I have a interview and a skills test to take I am not sure what the tests entails, does anyone have any ideas? I plan on doing HH for families whose parents/parent have alzheimer's. :imbar
  9. by   ORTHOGUY

    First time online in Allnurses forum.

    I am a new grad RN with past medical experience (Wound Care, PT AIDE, EMT,LMT).
    Currently in Acute Care setting interested in checking out the Home Health arena for a better schedule.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree? Would you advise on the pros and cons of home health.

    Thanks for any replies
  10. by   JustBonny
    I have been a nurse since 1980 and have worked within homecare since 1990. I love home care. I prefer shift work instead of visits.
    In NY we have the option of working as independent providers and billing NY Medicaid directly. This involves keeping your own records and hounding the state to pay you at least 6 weeks after you provide services!
    I'm a pediatric vent nurse who worksfor an agency on two pediatric vent cases. I see the same two patients all week (2 days with a 3 y/o and 2 days with a 10 y/o). The agency pays me time and 1/2 for any hours over 40 (I work 44-46 hrs/wk) and holidays. I get paid the week after I work, and the agency covers a week's vacation time as well as a 401K.
    Providing shift care in the patients' homes is great (if you can tolerate the slow pace). This is the first time in my nursing experience that I can actually provide the care I learned to provide in school.
    My patient ratio (1:1) really beats 1:10 or 1:20 in the hospitals or nursing homes.
  11. by   renerian
    I was going to do the IP in Ohio but wow the insurance was out of this world. Million dollar umbrella.......not standard malpractice insurance. Need better/business insurance.

  12. by   alintanurse
    renerian--do you do intermittent visits or shift work? In California where I live I believe shift work is considered "continuous care". I do intermittent visits,providing the skilled need in the home and then going to the next visit,usually seeing 5 pts. a day.
  13. by   auntieflo
    for those rn's who are paid by the visit,.. just an inquiry (research) as to how we all make a living. thankyou in advance for checking in! from the state of rhode island:

    rn per visit $33
    rn admission $50
    35 cents a mile.