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Hi, does anyone have an idea of what the latest statistics on average mileage per day per nurse are? HOme health line published a study in 01 that it was seventeen (not on my easiest day, lol),... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Management just better wake up before they have NO nurses.
    Ours finally did after realizing 6-7 was what we could comfortably handle, provide optimal patient care and have the documentation that supports the care.

    My agency was always known for its minimalist documentation-- I had pointed it out for 2 years while doing UR review. This year during unannounced state survey the reviewer saw a few charts from some of the nurses who REQUESTED 10 pts a day. Charts had conflicting info in two admit charts on same pt. done within 7 days.

    Corrective action included 100% concurrent chart audit for 60 days and 30% retroactive audit. (We have 750+ admissions a month). This happened in March. This week given permission to turn down cases from outside hospitals in areas where minimal staff due to vacation. On friday, one supervisor told me + VP of nursing she was still had pushed cases for patients sheduled the previous monday to friday. I closed all new patients to her team until tuesday.

    Much better to occassionally turn down cases than to have disgruntled staff, patients and state surveyer.

    Hopefully, your administration won't have to learn our lesson.