Advice from other DON's on job offer?

  1. I'm an experienced nurse of 13 years who has worked in ER, ICU and LTC. I've had some management experience and have participated in a few state survey's as ADON - with DON who left partially through the survey!

    I applied for home health a few days ago and have received quite a few calls. One interview offered me the DON position for Home Health care. I expected it when the physician was the one interviewing me.

    He's starting a new home care agency and by the way, knows of me through his uncle who is also a physician. I explained my reluctance about my lack of knowledge in home health care regulations and he assured me he has a consultant acting as DON who will train me.

    This new company has clients in the middle and southern part of the state with further plans for growth of which I would also be doing marketing.

    I'm excited about the position but afraid I might be too eager just to be working again! I've only been out of a job for a few weeks but already I'm bored. I considered starting as a field nurse but this has me intrigued.

    Patients are limited at present, knowledge is limited also but the company covers over half the state already.

    They want me to start with no mileage reimbursement, no benefits and a non compete clause. They seem to want me pretty badly and I thought this might be negotiable in the contract which I'm still waiting for.

    Point is, I'm having second thoughts even if I could negotiate an acceptable contract. What are your thoughts from those who are more experienced?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Based on my 20yrs in business:

    Home healthcare entirely different with different set of regulations especially if you are going for Medicare and Medicaid certification. Anyone that walks into DON homecare position with no knowledge of industry/ experience has giant learning curve. Can loose boat load of money and be fined if don't know what you are doing.

    No mileage is insult. No benefits as startup company often the case. Who will back you up on a day off? Will you also substitute for staff --expect to do so until enough hired. Looking at 60hr week to get this off the ground.

    Moving to Home Health forum for greater input. Stickies at top of forum will provide much advice for you.
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  4. by   JentheRN05
    Well - I agree with nurse Karen. You should change the proposal to include mileage or refuse the job. If they have half the state already then it's not worth the drive because in the end you may end up spending more in gas and wear and tear on your car than you make. I made this mistake myself. Drove 1 1/2 hours to work one way to work for 2 hours. It was stupid. I wasted money on that job and felt like I was scammed.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.