Accountable Healthcare Staffing in Lake Mary Florida

  1. Hey there! I just received a call back from this staffing company that I had applied to less than a week ago. I live in Orlando FL and I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this staffing agency. They are looking to hire me as an LPN doing Home Health for Hospice patients. This is a great experience because I am a new grad getting a chance to work in the field that I am most interested in.
    Any information will be appreciated.

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  3. by   KateRN1
    Be very careful. Staffing agencies rarely hire new grads as the agencies generally don't provide any type of orientation or skills training. Generally, they only hire experienced nurses with verifiable skills with at least a year of experience in any speciality area (like Hospice). Please discuss with them what kind of orientation you will receive, how your skills will be verified, what sort of ongoing support you will have, etc. Please be sure that you will get a lot of orientation, including ride-along visits with other nurses, help with documentation, and that you will have a nurse support person at the hospice agency as well as at the staffing agency. You will need to educate yourself in all matters hospice and be very careful. If a hospice agency is going through a staffing agency and willing to accept a new grad, either they don't know you're a new grad or there's some reason that they can't get experienced nurses.
  4. by   Confusedstudentnurs
    Do you mind saying around what the salary would be? . I will be graduating from Lpn school in may and looking to move to florida and looking into what they pay in that state? Thanks
  5. by   Mrsearly2009
    KateRN1- I made it clear as day to this staffing agency that I was a new grad fresh out of school and they still offered me a position anyway. I plan on discussing this position in detail and find out what type of orientation, nurse support etc that I will receive before I even think of taking an assignment on my own. I am nervous and I am hoping that they can give me the tools and training that I need to succeed in this field.
  6. by   Mrsearly2009
    My pay as a new grad is $20 an hour. It really depends on where you work, shift differentials, experience etc. I lucked out because I work LTC so they tend to pay a bit more than most places but it all depends where you get hired and what shifts you are available to work. As for this post for the staffing agency, this will be a second job for me. Good luck in your studies and I wish you the best.
  7. by   MyraRN
    Mrsearly2009, did you ever take the job offer and if yes, did you receive proper training? I am also a new grad and I received a call from the same agency. As you can imagine with being a new grad, I want to be sure that the agency will offer and provide me the necessary training I will need to be successful. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  8. by   Alexsys
    If you guys are new grads and they offered you a position, was it a hospital one? If so, was it St Cloud? They do train new grad nurses for med/ surg positions there. I sent a friend of my niece to that place as a new grad