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advice from cahaba, my agency's medicare intermediary from medicarea newsline 1/1/05, vol 12, no 4, pgs. 66 -70 https://www.cahabagba.com/part_a/education_and_outreach/newsletter/0105.pdf link... Read More

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    what is oasis?
    outcome & assessment information set (oasis) is an asessment information tool /form required to be utilized by medicare and medicaid certified homecare agencies to document clinical outcomes of each patient. it also determines payment for care for medicare patient sbased on patients functional, diagnosis and clinical status. how well one completes this multipage form (ours is 15 pgs) on admission, resumption of care post hospitalization, and discharge documents progress in getter better or lack thereof between admission and discharge from homecare services using a score.; also affects how much $$$ agency receives for care. this oasisdocument is transmitted to the state+ medicare and compared to other patients with same diagnosis across the us. the total outcomes by agency are publically reported measures quarterly posted on cms (medicare) website.

    within the next 2 years, agencies will be payed more $ dependent on improvment in scores for patinets so very big deal. takes minimum of 45 min to 1hr15 min to complete this document.
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    [FONT="Lucida Console"]Thanks for posting this...Seems like anytime we think we know all there is to know about OASIS, one more thing comes up!

    I'm really surprised more home health nurses aren't posting on this website..We need to get the word out! There's so much about our daily lives we could share...Thanks again!
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    I haven't seen this website posted here before. I found it informative.

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    GREAT LINK, Dutchy ! Woot ! You did it agin!


    I just forwarded it to the owner/CEO of our agency. VERY informativer and useful!!!

    (Just like YOU !) :chuckle
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    Thanks for posting this, I start my new job as a HHN on Tuesday. This will help me get a jump start on all the ins and outs.
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    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    I haven't seen this website posted here before. I found it informative.


    Great resource
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    Great resources! TYVM!
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    I am sooooooooooooooo glad that in Canada we don't have to deal with OASIS. I don't know how you all do it...it seems very difficult. Hooray for all of you HH nurses in the USA!!
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    latest oasis: oasis-c version 12.2 (03.04.09)

    the tentative final data set/instrument will go through nprm spring of 2009, final rule occurs in late summer of 2009 for an anticipated implementation 1/2010
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    I am getting ready to start HH and found this "early learning" very helpful!! Thank you soooooo much, this helps the OASIS seem a little less intimidating. I am so thankful for this thread and web site.
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    OASIS Considerations for Medicare PPS Patients

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    What? I wish I could get the SOC Oasis done in 45 minutes! lol, The Oasis C takes alot longer right now, however; our agency requires alot of other forms, around 8 in addition to the Oasis C.
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    I went to a seminar about the oasis and we were told to always answer yes for does the patient have a skin leison..b/c they can have a mold or scar and this is considered a skin leison
    A "mold"...you have too much paperwork!