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I'm new to home health and so far, so good. A lot to learn but I'm enjoying it. So glad to be out of the hospital grind.

I need a good two-compartment supply bag. Right now, I'm using a big (too big) gym bag with a bunch of outside pockets. Still learning about "clean bag" technique.

Anyone know where I can buy a good bag? Oh, and organizational skills aren't my strong suit. So a lot of pockets and loops might help.


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Try Galls.com they sell rescue kits and supply bags with lots of compartments.

Good luck



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Hopkins medical supply sells bags as well. Often the agency will supply your bag with their logo on it. To hold wipes, alcohol pads, etc. I use one of those little freebie plastic zipper bags that often come with a cosmetic special. To separate my other supplies I use slide lock plastic bags. Each nurse is different with what they carry and how they carry it. You might also want to get a plastic container for your car to carry extras (catheters, extra dressing supplies, etc.) that you may need out on the road.

Good luck!


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Agree with traveler. I like these bags.


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