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Im a supervisor in a home health agency in CA. I want to move to Denver, hopefully by May next year. What are job opportunties

like in home health in the Denver area?

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Maybe you could do a search for a Denver newspaper, then look at their job ads. you could also go to medicare.gov and look at all the agencies in denver and call some of them. Just a thought.


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A Colorado native but not from the Denver area but would travel a lot up there. Denver has oodles of work for nurses: homehealth, long term care, hosptials, traveling etc... If you do home health plan to do lots of driving unless an agency you find you give you a specific area.

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There are tons of jobs in the Denver area for nursing. I have traveled there from time to time to do per diem hospital agency. Good money but an influx of HCA is making it tough to keep the wages competitive; also 911 has hit the area hard with downsizing of the airline companies. A recent campaign speach talked about the "comeback of the economy" (not that I "really understand" all the changes); it is good to be aware of some of the issues discussed on the news.

Try doing a search of The Denver Post:http://www.denverpost.com/

YOu will see the very busy market of needcs in the area. Many facilities will offer a sign on bonus if you have time to negotiate.

I, personally, would staty away from the HCA facilities. I feel strongly their primary goal is revenue; I have experienced dishonesty and a "change of the rules" for compensation once they tighten the market.

night ;)

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