Home health CNA?


Is there anything like that? Im starting my 6 week program soon for CNA and along with hospitals I'm going to be looking for home health positions as well. Do I have to have any other certifications to be in home health? Do CNAs do home health as well?


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You will be good to go once your a CNA. Home Health is one of the many areas a CNA can work in, it's actually a really good area to since you have a lot of flexibility in your schedule. Good luck :)


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I am a CNA working in Home Care. I LOVE it! I started as just an aide, and then I took their CNA class, and now am working for them as a CNA. I think some places want you to take extra classes to be a HHA, but I did not have too. During my orination I was shown a few things like blood pressure, and how to use a hoyer. Give insaline(Only in the case of an emergency) extra. Like the previous poster stated you get a lot of flexiblility in your scheduling. I am a mother of young children so I love that I do not need to miss school functions, or birthdays

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Many states CNA does not qualify you for home health, one must be a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)...BUT most home health agencies offer the credential to bridge from CNA to CHHA at no charge to the student. There are some rule differences for CNA vs. CHHA as you are working independently with RN oversight in the home. Often some additional background checks required as some offenses are acceptable for CNA but not acceptable for CHHA.

Good luck.


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I just finished Orientation into Home Health. I wish I hadn't of allowed my NAR to go expired. So I'll be taking a CHHA course, but I will definitely be signing up to do a CNA course on the side after a paycheck or two.

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My first job as a cna was for a home health agency. It was alot of fun and very flexible hours. I worked full time cases . You could get a client who needs minimal assistance or someone who needs diaper s changed and other ADLs. Overall I enjoyed it alot. One negative is they do not have benefits or OT and when a client passes away you kind of s.o.l til they find a new one. Good Luck!


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With your CNA you can also work as an orderly in MHFs....

Overall, get your food handlers, BLS, (yes BLS) and CNA delegation Core, and Delegation Diabetes.