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Home Care Security

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american journal of nursing: health & safety

september, 2004 - volume 104, issue 09

home care security

nurses can take simple precautions to ensure safety during home visits

by kate mcphaul, mph, rn


my agency follows all these recomendations. think i'll include this article as part of our safety inservice this year as a reminder.

thanks karen. in my area, we have an increased presence of gangs, unlike the days of old, when you were safe in the city in the early morning, now, they seem to do shift work, are present on every corner at all hours. i for one no lonher feel safe at all in the city where i used to, it's part of the reason i haven't signed up for much per diem work lately.

That was an interesting thread. It applied to more of an urban setting than I practice in. I would like to hear from other hh nurses who work in VERY rural areas. We have a whole different set of concerns. My cell phone doesn't have coverage in about 90% of where I go. I have to worry about having extra clothes in my car in the winter. If I break down or go off the road it could be a long haul. I carry a chainsaw in my car as well as personal protection. Of course we have had an explosion of meth in rural areas. That in itself brings lots more problems.



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