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Hi everybody ; I've been looking for a new job and applyed to one position in Home Care. So far I couldn;t find anybody else in this field. Anybody there? How would it be like a tipical day. Oh! I forgot to say no direct care, only paperwork, and supervision of HHA. Any idea? Thank you



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Hey Faby,

I work for two HH PRN. I am case manager for some of the diabetic patients. For me, I want to see the patient's once a week myself, to get a feel of how they are doing. But, the agency doesn't require the weekly visits, but they would like me to do it at least every other week. I review the patient's meds, plan of care, OASIS visits, etc. I work with a great bunch of LVN's and each do a fantastic job. They notify me of any changes in the patients, but they also will call the doctor, fill med boxes, speak with the family, etc. My patient's are seen multiple times a day, so even though I like control of my patient's, it really isn't possible for one nurse.

I would imagine if you are the CM in the office, you would be sending out orders, doing the plan of care, ordering DME, QA notes, etc. It depends on what you like. For me, I like to see patient's. So, I wouldn't like not having direct care. But, everyone is different.

Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions.

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