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Welcome home, thanks for your service. Hitting to Supermarket the first time back is a trip. It'll take a bit for the glow of the first deployment to thin, but when it does, don't feel bad about talking to other people in your unit who deployed with you. It helps to put the process in perspective...completes the circle. If your FST was at an austere FOB, watch some episodes of MASH...they take on a whole new level. ;)

Yeah, it was austere and then some. lol. It wasn't even a FOB, it was a District Support Platform (DSP). It's still a little surreal to be home, and to have so many options for everything! I came home and wanted to get rid of half of my "things," I felt like I had so much stuff after living with so little for 9 months. It's all good, though. And thank YOU for your service, too. :)

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Too many "things"!! Yep. I was unpacking my household when I got back and was freaking out over how many glasses I had! I remember complaining: who needs this many glasses? I sent boxes of stuff with a friend who could use it all. lol.

And grocery stores! I stared into the cheese display for a long time just overwhelmed with so many amazing choices.

2nd time coming back was easier for me.

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