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Holy Name Nursing Program

by cbrick cbrick (New) New Pre-Student

I am applying to Holy Name's nursing program and I am just curious if anyone else is applying and how you all did on the TEAS?

hi I applied to holy name's nursing program, did you hear back?

I just got my acceptance yesterday afternoon!

CONGRATS! I got my acceptance as well! We should form a group on facebook!

Ahh CONGRATS!! I was thinking the same thing! I just didn’t know how to find people who else got in.

CONGRATS! I got in as well! Let us know if anyone has formed a group yet.

Hello All,

I got my acceptance too. CONGRATS! Did anyone form a group on facebook? If not, can we start one?

Okay I made a group! Holy Name School of Nursing Class of 2022.

I'm not able to find the group, could you maybe link it here? Thanks!

I clicked on the link to join. So excited to meet all of you.

Hello.People who was accepted to the Program how much you received on TEAS?Thank you