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Does/Did anyone go to this school? I have heard some really great things about them, and hear they have excellent pass rates. I am thinking about applying. Do you know if they currently have a waiting list? What are the good/bad points of this school in your opinion? Thanks so much for any info you can give me..I really appreciate it!! :flowersfo



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Holy Name is GREAT!!!!!!

There is a wonderful LPN program and a well regarded RN program.

There is currently no wait list, they only run one program at a time and that begins in each September. They have info online at http://www.schoolofnursing.info

Hope this helps !!!!!!


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Thank you so much for your reply on both this and my other post :D I have heard that Holy Name is a GREAT school, and you just confirmed that for me. I have a couple questions if you don't mind? Is it very hard to get in? When would be the best time to send in my application? If I complete my LPN there, would that make it easier for them to accept me to their RN program in the future? Thanks again!! :cheers:



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Hi I currently go the Holy name and I am so happy to be there!!! Just went back to school after 10years of being home with kids. I cannot give enough praise to the instructors, they are there when you need them. I can only advise you on taking A&P and Micro first, this will lessen your work load when you are in peds and maternal nursing. Getting in is not difficult. Get the net test book, their test is exactly the same layout. Tests are on saturdays and we just had an open house yesterday!!! good luck!!


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Does anyone know what format Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing exams are like? (i.e. multiple choice, open ends, etc)I missed the class when that went over the first test review due to late registration so I'm not too sure exactly how the weekly exams are given. If anyone could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it.

PS- I'm not talking about the NET exam. I'm talking about the course exams.


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all exams are multiple choice...


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I’m starting at Holy Name next month... are there any incoming or second year students out there who would like to chat before the course begins? I DO have to take Micro, but have already taken A&P.

Past Holy Name students, where are you now working and how tough was it to get a job? What hospitals are good options for getting jobs after graduation? Have any of you ended up in NYC? Does the Columbia-Presbyterian relationship that Holy Name has help at all for jobs?



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