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Holy Name Hospital RN Orientation/Salary?


Hello everyone,

I didn't see any topics about this, but is anyone familiar with the orientation program for Holy Name Hospital and their starting salary for new graduate rn? I cannot find any current information about this! Any little bit will be greatly appreciated!

I would also be interested in knowing this..

Yeah, also if anyone has been interviewed by Holy Name Hospital for an RN position, how long did it take for them to contact you back about their decision to hire you?

The post has gotten quite a bit of views but no responses. Thankfully, I may have some information to contribute soon in regards to this.

I was interviewed by Holy Name, so if you'd like more info in regards to this let me know~ send me an inbox!

Hey how was the interview?

Hello! It went really well!! They offered me the position! My first job as an RN!

Hi donutball, can you send me a message regarding this? I'm a new grad who is also interested in this (I was going to send you a message, but couldn't figure out how to do it since I'm fairly new to this) Thank you!

hey donutball! could you also send me a message regarding this and how your interview was like? thank you!

Could you email me as well? Would love to know more

@donutball could you send me information about the New Grad Orientation program for holy name?

Thank you