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Hi Everyone,

Holy Family University is beginning a 2nd degree accelerated nursing program in the spring of 2015 at their Newtown campus. However, the internet is full of negative testimonies regarding the university's nursing program. Are there any recent graduates or current students who have something positive to say about this program? I am fine with negative feedback as well, I'm simply hoping to hear positive things. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I graduated from HFU spring 11'. I think nursing school in General is hard. What I do know is our class had 100% pass rate. I feel that the clinicals aren't the best. Although, once you pass the boards you learn on the job! Best of luck.


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Hi Angels,

Thank you for your feedback! Can you tell me more about the quality of instruction you received from the educators at HFU? Do you feel they cared about your success and created assignments and assessments that were fair and high quality? I've heard that nursing school is rigorous and this does not bother me, however, when you are in a rigorous and demanding program, it's imperative that the people you are dealing with are highly qualified and supportive. Was this your experience? I appreciate your input! Thank you!


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I know that they have restructured the program some since I've left. There were some assignments I feel were busy work, in the other hand some were helpful. I think the professors were split. I think a few really cared and were great at there job. Some just read off the powerpoints and were useless! I also think there has been change in staff since I have been there as well. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Yes any information would be helpful. I am applying there also for the accelerated second degree program and would like to hear some positive feedback. Thank you:snurse:

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