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I am a 21 year old female and have been taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I felt very passionate about my choice, I do really enjoy caring for people and helping people. However, as I got further... Read More

  1. by   anisamamo
    Hi. this is a post of 2011, but im so happy I found it. I never thought there was somebody else out there that would see this in the same way that I do. I graduated for nursing 3 years ago, near to taking my boards, and I have been in between switching to holistic nurse or become a holistic doctor. the first one has an easier path, 1 year of experience as an RN and a course and you switch, the second one, takes more time and money. Did you already decide what to do? would you like to share your experience please, Im very curious and I could use some good advice. I have been scared all the time because like I said, I thought I was the only one seeing it that way. I wanted to private message you , but I cant because I havent been a very active member plus never thought I would have found this post on allnurses, found it while searching on google. thanks in advance
  2. by   the4ofus
    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying by becoming a holistic nurse or doctor. The two are very different. You are a nurse already, but apparently you did not go to a nursing school that is endorsed by AHNCC, is that correct? IF that is the case and you want to be a holistic nurse all you have to do is find a program that you want to attend. It is not a professional school it is a school that gives contact that apply to holistic nursing education. You keep working and after you have at least 2 years as a nurse you can sit for the boards at whatever level your education is. I have a master's degree so I sat for the graduate prepare level of certification.

    If you want to be a doctor, then you need to go to med school. There seems to be no real educational program in holism for MD they just structure their practice the way they want it to be. However, after you become an MD or a DO you can also take the education path to become a functional medicine doc. It also is not a university program. It is a CE program and outrageously expensive. I've been wanting to do that as a nurse but the price point is prohibitive. But again I will caution you that the two paths one as a nurse and one as a physician are very different. There are other options in nursing but you need to get some realy sense of what you want to do other wise you are going to be going in circles and extremely unhappy and potentially spend many thousands of dollars and still not be happy.

    It is clear you have been misinformed about the nursing path there is no switching you either become a nurse or you don't. Even in the endorsed schools the education is on the same need to switch. Electived are different that's it. As an MD no you do not already choose your specialty that come much further down the road.
  3. by   the4ofus
    All anyone needs to do is go to to find the endorsed holisitc nursing programs from BSN uip

    In nursing school one is fully indoctrinated to the FDA big pharma mumbo jumbo. NIH is not the end all be all for research. Your school should have an electronic data base. I consistantly do research of essential oils and herbs to name just a few. I also research other integrative practice--which by the way is a more accurate term. Holistic nursing is based on theory and philosophy and how we are in the world and not about what we DO in the world.

    Holistic nurses are holistic with out any education on modalities. However we may take educaitons in specific modalities if we choose to do that. The issue is being able to practice. If the hospital doesn't have a program of integrative care than you will need to be the leader in getting that through the chain of command. It takes a lot of leadership skills and years of work. Every time administration changes you will start over.

    Every thing has to be evidence based in formal care. However you can experiment with your own being and I do that regularly and I hope everyone does that. We do that when we choose the nutritional path that we eat or at least I hope we do otherwise we may not be eating what works well four our own bodies.

    No magic pill or treatment methodology.
    I am an RN and I went on to complete my doctorate in naturopathic medicine 4 years ago. Now there are quite a few of my colleagues that are RN's and naturopathic physicians. We arent licensed in all 50 states. So keeping my RN licenses helps if I need to work in states i'm not licensed as a naturopath. I will say I make more money as an RN. In California working for other companies I made a rounds 70k but as a nurse ive made 100k it just depends how you want to function and why your going into naturopathic medicine or holistic nursing
  5. by   harmony8

    I am SO glad to hear your thoughts and feelings about the American healthcare system and your passion to help people in a holistic and ideal way!! I feel the same way about the healthcare system and am disturbed (to say the least) about the approaches we sometimes take to help people in the clinical setting. I have had different medical issues over the years and have personally experienced not being able to rely on our healthcare system in order to heal my mind and body. I also want to be a holistic nurse practitioner someday but I am not sure where I will get my higher degree. Currently I am in a BSN program in California. Take care my friend and keep following your heart!!! We need more people like you!! <3

  6. by   Myro1995
    I know this is an old comment but I was wondering where you ended up going to school for naturopathic nursing?