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  1. For those interested in native healing.
    The Native American Healers both past and present use a combination of "medicines". All the knowledge is learned form the Elders by word of mouth. If an Elder passes, then all the knowledge thay have is gone. Some Tribes have different levels or degrees of healers, depending on what the know.
    The plants for medicine is widely used. These plants are from the four directions, East, South, West, and North. Each plant is prayed to before taking it from Mother Earth. Some plants are used fresh and some are used dried.
    Cleansing is A very important part of healing. You have to cleanse the spirit and body to rid it of evil (negative) energies.This is done by smudging or sweeping not only the individual but also the room they are in. After the person and the room is cleansed then you can truely start healing the individual.
    Massage is also used, from metabolic to accupressure to reiki. Massage is used for several reasons, to increase blood flow, to cleanse, and help alleviate pain.
    Then there is spiritual Healing. In Spiritual Healing, a Medicine Man works on healing the spirit of the individual that he/she is trying to heal. We believe that the individual will not heal if the spirit is left damage. So we heal the spirit so the spirit will help heal the body.
    Meditation is one of the best ways to help heal very sick people. In meditation you are praying to the spirits and trying to help the person find their way back to health.

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  3. by   Nikki69
    This is very interesting. I've always been "into" these kinds of things. Before I had my first son, I had just started to do some meditation and yoga, and really study what it's all about. Then, I got so busy with family and work that I kind of put my interests on the back burner (where they remain). When my sister started to build her house, her and I smudged the land on the east,west,north, and south sides. I'd love to hear more from you.
  4. by   Chaya
    Definitely of interest both for my own benefit and to be more culturally accepting if I find I am caring for someone with these beliefs. Thank you.
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    A very nice synopsis, native healer.

    Keep posting.

    One thing is that you bring into the discussion the four directions, but not their importance. Could you begin to elaborate a little more as to their role in healing?
  6. by   nativehealer
    The four directions or winds are East, South, West, and North. Each direction has their own energys, powers, plants, and spirits. Depending on what you are praying for determines what direction you start. Most start in the East (the beginning) and go clockwise. South for good crops, West (the thunderbeings) for fair weather or rain, North for changing of the seasons and to those that have passed on.
    Also don't forget the three other directions. Up-Father sky, Down-Mother earth, and Center-the Supreme Being that is in us all.
  7. by   sunnym
    I lOVE reading all these wonderful posts!

    My MW was a native healer! She was an awsome woman!!!

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