Looking for new career path...Please Help.

  1. I am 33 and have been a pediatric oncology nurse for 2 (nursing for 4 years) years I love my job mostly because the population I work with is AMAZING. I recently started looking into going to acupuncture school but am having mixed feelings about it (I would like to be able to work for myself at some point but it's looking like a difficult profession to make a good living in. From what I have been researching I would make about what I am now or less, which is not enough to live on). I do think as an acupuncturist I would feel better about what I'm doing and maybe I could stay on PRN at the hospital....

    I like ideas of working in alternative medicine and believe it is more in line with my personal views. I am wondering what other Alternative medicine career options there are out there that I may not be aware of. Any input or ideas would be appreciated.

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  3. by   Holisticlifern
    hi, i don't have any real advice for you as i am kinda in the same boat. I am a big believer in yoga/holisitc health and alternative medicine. eventually i want to leave the hospital and possibly be a nurse coach/yoga teacher or something like that. Im planning on taking yoga teacher training and eventually teaching yoga (hopefully) while keeping my full time job until i able to work for myself. I think as nurses we are in a great position to use the flexibility nursing offers to pursue holistic modalities
  4. by   serenitylove14
    It is what you make of it. My previous teacher taught full time and had a her own hypnosis practice on the side.
  5. by   passionflower
    I have always viewed holistic practice as one of those that require a multiple stream of income approach because even though it has made some gains over the years, it is still not as "accepted" as main stream medicine. Although isn't it funny because a lot of practices in holistic nursing, in fact most of them - including accupuncture pre-date traditional medicine. Anyone moving into that realm should be prepared to offer multiple services or at least consider this just to be financially secure. You could always offer the accupuncture as your main form of therapy but consider maybe massage therapy etc. Maybe offer classes/workshops on holistic practices to help educate the public as well as obtain customers.
  6. by   oceanblue52
    I too am interested in Hlternative Health; I'm a second career student in school for my B.S.N. I've really learned a lot from joining the American Holistic Nurses Association. They put out good literature on different career paths and certifications, and advertise quite a few conferences. I'm attending a Holistic Nursing conference in San Diego this April, and possibly the AHNA conference in June (Portland). Havent contacted any of the members yet, but I could see the directory being useful if you're looking for a mentor of sorts.

    I've also gotten quite a bit of information on different specialities with this book: "Educational Opportunities In Integrative Medicine: The A-to-Z Healing Arts Guide and Professional Resource Directory," by Douglas Las Wengall. There is a little sector on Holistic Nursing, as well as massage, accupuncture, psychotherapy, naturopathy etc., with career outlook, average salary, how to get certified, etc. It is fairly basic, but I've found it very encouraging as it is a nice, comprehensive overview of all the opportunities out there. Good luck to you!
  7. by   Guest12/18/13
    Ocean - do you have any information on the conference in San Diego going on this April? I live out there and wouldn't mind checking it out.
  8. by   oceanblue52
    Guest, you can find info about the conference via this link:

    Scripps Health - Integrative Medicine Events
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    Guest12 and ocean,
    I live in san diego and am very interested in going to this conference. i am not a member of the american holistic nursing association, but i have to say i am on the same boat as all of you. i graduated in 2012 with my ADN and will finish my BSN in June this year. I have been working at a hospital for a year and 2 months and keep telling myself it is not what i want to do. I am also considering acupuncture and/or massage, something more holistic and natural. need help and advice!
  10. by   Holisticlifern
    Hi everyone! Have any of you heard or considered Healing Touch? It's a modality endorsed by the holistic nurses association. I just registered for a level one class. Classes are held through out the country and from my personal research healing touch seems to be an emerging modality. I guess to explain it, it's closely related to reiki and other energy based therapies. According to info I read healing touch helps with anxiety, stress, pain, etc and a lot of hospitals and cancer centers are offering it.