Any private practice RN's???

  1. Greetings all . I am an RN in my 4th year of hospital nursing and I am officially so over the ideal of Western medicine in so many ways. I am still very interested in utilizing my degree and helping people. I have recently attained reiki certification and am in the process of gaining certification in herbalism and aromatherapy. With this experience I would ultimately like to open my own holistic wellness practice. Any RN's currently doing this? I am aware without my NP I wouldn't be able to diagnose illness or prescribe meds but that's not my intention anyway. So is there any other possible road blocks, issues, limitations in taking this route? Any imput is greatly appreciated )
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  3. by   Racheal1214
    Hi UpLiftingRN, I was wondering if you ever got any info on this question? I just saw this thread and am in the exact same situation. Any luck?
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    I am also interested in pursuing a similar path. I have been considering getting a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, there are like 5 schools I the country that offer it. You could also learn about nutrition - the body likes to heal itself, but it can't if you don't give it what it needs.... Hope that helps
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    Hi upliftingRN! My name is Amanda And I am and RN with a massage license. Ive had my massage license since 2003, however, I am not practicing that at this time. I to am interested in more holisitic nursing and health coaching. I have been interested in these areas for a while, and can't seem to tap the market in my area. People seem a little more closed minded when you try to talk to them about how they can feel better and stay healthy naturally opposed to going to dr's only when they are sick. Along with my massage experience, I have med/ surg, home health, and fast past acute care clinic experience. I have not really felt that I fit any where and have considered making a place that I fit with the health coaching and holistic nursing. As a massage therapist, I worked along-side reiki master teachers, herbalist, and reflexologist. I would also appreciate your thoughts and ideas on how you are incorporating the things that you love and enjoy into your nursing career.