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Is it possible to do your Pre Reqs in Florida but apply for nursing school in North Carolina? Do you think I would have issues trying to do so?

The only way to know for sure is to contact the schools you are considering applying to and ask them directly. Even within a state requirements can vary significantly between schools.

Good luck!

You can...but some pre-reqs vary from school to school and some schools are picky on accepting credits from another school so not all your credits may transfer or you might have to take extra classes that just that school requires.

OK Thanks guys that helped alot!:redpinkhe

To echo what everyone else said, just call both schools, ESPECIALLY the nursing school, to make sure they will accept the classes from the other school. I wanted to take prereqs at a school here in town then transfer to a nursing program in the same town, but the classes would not have transferred, as the school with the nursing program is super-picky about accepting transfer credits. Thankfully, I found that out before wasting money and time. Good luck!

TIP: In order to make it easier on them in making the decision - you should enclose a copy of the class descriptions from your Florida school catalog. Photocopy or electronic copy.

That's what I had to do when there was not a pre-established equivalency agreement between the two schools I attended.

Good luck!!

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I know when I transferred schools I lost .2 points off each class... My rn program depends on these points to get accepted... I took a&p at the one school and it did not transfer either... talk to both schools see if they will take credits from eachother... I heard university of phoenix isn't very good with financial aide... hope this helps


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