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Hi everyone, I am a nursing student in my second year and I am doing a presentation on VAP. Part of that presentation is supposed to include a brief overview of the history of VAP (I assume how it was diagnosed and treated, etc.) I've found quite a bit of information on the topic but pretty much nothing on the history of it.

If you have any help for me I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know very much about the topic aside from what I've read in a few articles I've printed out from PubMed, CINAHL, etc. I can't believe how hard it is to find historical information on the topic.

Thanks in advance!

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[color=#0e774a]i just found this powerpoint for someone else witha vap question. maybe it could help you.



did you try looking up nosocomial ventilator pneumonia? by just entering those words into a couple of public medical search engines as well as google, i got articles dating back to the 1970s.

here's one article that gives a decent historical perspective.

preventing nosocomial pneumonia: state of the art and perspectives for the 1990s

volume 91, issue 3, supplement 2, pages s44-s53 (16 september 1991)

if you look at the references listed at the end you will find more articles which in turn will lead you to many more articles and so on.

the prevention of infection has always been an issue since artificial airways as well as ventilators were developed. this is why trachs were made of silver and there were copper parts in ventilators especially the humidifiers.

you've got a lot of history to look up and having an understanding of what exactly vap is will help.

hii ,, m jeslin doing my postgraduation in nursing. i needed literature about VAP and VAP bundles, its historical review. i have got few informations from google, pubmed etc. thankyou tc God bless

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