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I've made some histology flashcards to get ready for an exam this week. I decided to make them available for download for other students who need histology images to study.

Here is a link to download them - http://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d4TXRjNDJoeVpMWEE9PQ

There are 29 images that cover epithelial tissue and connective tissue. For each image, there is a Word document that tells you the classification of the tissues in the image, the function, and the location where you can find them.

What I did is I took the whole thing to Kinkos and told them to print double sided so the image is on one side and the explanation is on the back. They came out REALLY nice and are way better than the study material that I have in my book or the flashcards that I bought.

If anyone downloads them, please reply to the thread or send me a message and let me know if you found them useful. The download link only works for 7 days so I'll make a new one if people find it useful.


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I wish I would had these a week ago, I just took my histo exam last thurs :) I went to histologyworld.com and made flash cards:)


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I wish I had them a week ago too. It took me all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to make these and I only have Today and Wednesday to study them. Test is on Thursday!

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You can do it js408 - they are great cards! Good luck!!

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