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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who knew the average length of the hiring process at HealthSouth. I had a job interview there about one week ago and granted that it is Holiday weekend, I know it will probably take some time. I was told that if I was offered the position, I would be sent a letter stating so with all other details outlined. Lastly, I sent a thank you card the minute I got home from the interview but was wondering if it is worth following up with an email to see how the hiring process is going. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

HealthSouth is a little slow with their hiring process, so hang in there and don't get frustrated. I applied for a position with them in June got interviewed in mid-August and they finally called me back to finish the hiring process/other paperwork last week. I ended up turning the position down because I was offered one much closer to my house, and I honestly didn't expect them to call since there was a big delay in contact.

Good luck and hang in there, because they will call you eventually.

Thank you so very much for replying to my post. I just interviewed on August 31st and while it has only been nearly two weeks I'm getting a little eager. Not to mention that after sending a thank you letter immediately after the interview, I followed up with a phone call to both the CNO and Nurse Manager with no return phone calls. So, it makes me bit skeptical even having a successful interview with them. Also, I'm a little unsure as to what to do because I have a couple of interviews set up for homecare and that is not really where I want to be but concerned if I get offered a different job and don't hear from this one, what do I do? Healthsouth is my first preference but I really don't want to pass up other opportunities with such a tight market for new grads. It is frustrating but thank you so much for replying. Best of luck to you and your career!!!!!

your welcome and i know how frustrated you are, but hang in there because either they will call or something better will come along. i applied to everything under the sun after graduating in may and i waited the entire summer without hearing a word, and then in the middle of august everything changed. the first to call was healthsouth which was a huge surprise to me since i applied to them back in june. since i knew the reality of new nurse positions in nj i set up an interview with each place that called, not matter the shift, the position or the distance from my house. if you’re getting calls from other places go on the interviews because you don't want to put all your hope into one offer. to be honest i even went on one last interview after verbally accepting my position because everyone told me this other "bigger name" hospital was better then the place i accepted a job at (it wasn't and i definitely made the better choice). if you get an offer from somewhere else before hearing from hs, don't immediately turn it down because it’s not your 1st choice. usually you can ask for a few hours to a few days to think about it before accepting, that way you can at least call hs one last time. out of pure curiosity is it the hs in toms river because if so i can message you a few numbers to the people in hr who called me because it could be a different # then you have.

let me know and good luck.

Thank you for the advice. I too have literally applied to every hospital in NJ and I just keep getting the response that I do not meet the minimum qualifications. I live up in Northwest Jersey and have applied everywhere from tip to tip and more than willing to relocate to get the experience I need. I was so excited when Healthsouth called me because it was the only hospital-like facility that had contacted me and not to mention I really enjoyed the idea of rehab nursing. But, with such a delay I have now moved onto the homecare scene because hospitals do not seem to want the new grads right now. And yes, I did interview with the Healthsouth in Tom's River. I really appreciate all of your help and cannot thank you enough. I'm trying to hang in there but my eagerness and boredom is starting to get to me. Thank you again!!!!!

I'm unable to send a private message but I just wanted to say thank you again. This was very kind and gracious of you. I wish you the best of luck with your career! Thank you again.

No problem, I know how hard it is for new grads (or nurses in general) to get jobs in this economy so I was happy to help. Also in this field its all about team work and networking amongst other nurses. Good luck and you'll have to post an update when you get one. FYI - you'll be able to send private message after you do about 15 posts. :)

Hey, great news! I called the phone number you provided me and they offered me the full time position!!!!!! Again, I cannot thank you enough!!! I am so unbelievably happy! And yes, it is all about team work but not everyone is as kind as you!!! Thank you again!!!!!!!

OMG that is GREAT news and I'm glad I could help you out. I wish you nothing but luck in your new position/career :nurse:

Thank you so much!!!! I seriously cannot thank you enough and you really are quite a person!! I can just tell that you are going to be or are already, an excellent nurse!!!!

Amazing I am noticing a trend in people getting interviews and hires. I graduated received my RN license last October. I applied to numerous positions throughout the state of nj and received one call back. Unfortunately they required experience and mine consists of only clinicals in school. I was wondering if people out there are including clinical experience in school on their resumes?

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