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Hi! I currently work in a large private family practice clinic with 7 MDs (5 are the owners/shareholders) and 4 mid-levels. They recently hired a new front office girl who based on my patient's feedback is very rude to the patients but when I bring this up to the office manager, she would just nod, smile and say that she'll speak to her about it. This has happened around 2-3x already and I still don't see any changes. From what I understand, the office manager didn't bother to screen for references when she hired her. Apparently, she was fired from her previous clinic as well.

I asked other NP colleagues who work in other clinics and one commented that this is grounds of termination. I am not a shareholder nor am I directly involved in mgmt but my MA just handed in her resignation with 2 weeks notice and I am concerned about their hiring process.

Right now, I only specified that I prefer someone bilingual but I wish to go back and talk to the office manager that I want to be involve in the hiring process or should I just say that I want to be there in the interview? Is this okay or am I overstepping?

This person would be affecting your patients, thus affecting you. Of course you can make yourself part of the hiring process. Perhaps by insisting on this, the office manager will see that you mean it when you ask that she correct situations that fall under her responsibility.

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Not surprising, but I add my two cents to everything. :) Sometimes it is heeded sometimes not which is fine. With regard to MAs you might also want to research if you are legally able to delegate to them. Not sure if state specific but in my state they fall under the board of physicians and although many do, NPs are not able to delegate to a MA.

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