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Hiring freeze @ UNC or Duke?


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I had two interviews a couple of weeks ago for ICU positions at both UNC and Duke and I felt that each interview went really well. I was given a good amount of onboarding information, including benefits package info, incentive package info, etc. Essentially I was given a new hire packet for each facility. Then... crickets. No response. I was told outright by UNC that the hiring process might be delayed a couple weeks due to COVID related issues, but it's been a couple weeks. I sent out thank you emails to both facilities. UNC responded saying they'd try to respond to me with an update by the end of last week (no update).

 I don't want to nag them, but I also am really anxious about if I'm going to be hired for either position, or if I should keep applying to more jobs. I really don't want to apply to a bunch of jobs and deal with all of the paperwork/references/etc unless I really have to, but I also don't want to miss any opportunities. I really wish they'd just give an update so I'm not in limbo It's so stressful.

If you work at either UNC or Duke, have you heard about any hiring freezes, furloughs, or reduction of benefits at your facility? Or have you heard of any other triangle area facilities announcing hiring freezes, furloughs, or reduction of benefits, etc?

Thanks in advance!