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Hirevue, digital interview at Montefiore.

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Hi all, I got an email for a digital interview with Montefiore, which I did today. It was interesting and new to me since I'm not used to interviewing with a camera as opposed to an actual person. Has anyone does this before? Also what is the pay rate for LPNs and what type of setting do they usually work in? Thanks in advance!

Helll did you receive a response for this interview?

I received an email from montefiore for the digital interview. I found it interesting. Consisted of 6 questions for me I literally took it today and received the email Friday. I don't know what's next I guess it's just a waiting game and I'll keep the forum posted just because I went looking for answers on what happens next and there are no posts

I'm interviewing for a totally different hospital, but I'll also be doing a Hirevue digital interview. Can you tell me if you did the practice run throughs, and if so, were you forced to do the interview in the same session or were you able to practice and leave the software for another day? I would love to get started trying to practice a bit, but I'm terrified that once I start, I'll be routed into a loop that I can't back out of.

Hi Nicole1207, have you heard anything back since your hirevue interview? I have an interview on Friday and I was curious to know how the interview process was and what type of questions to expect on the pharmacology test?