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Hired as new grad PNP before my certification


I am seeking advice from practicing APRNs. I just graduated last week from my MSN and I am hired as a PNP (I started applying to PNP jobs 3 months ago). I have been very transparent about my graduation and certification timeline (usually the certification is issued 1-2 months after the school submits transcripts to BRN). I have also been clear that I have to stay within my RN scope of practice while the BRN posts my national PNP certification. Well, I received my contract electronically 2 days ago, and I don’t know how to sign it. It’s an APRN contract with a field for signing your NP role next to your name. Writing RN is not one of the options. Should I sign “PNP Candidate”? This is literally my dream job, I really want to do things right. I will be going through orientation and training while my certificate posts. So a “preceptor” will be supervising and signing off everything I do, pretty much like a residency but paid. Please advise. Thanks!

adventure_rn, BSN

Specializes in NICU, PICU.

Can you reach out to HR and ask them what to do? I'd imagine that they don't want you signing the contract incorrectly, either. You could also ask an attorney, or even as the AN Attorney.


I won't speculate about what you should do, but these kinds of details are extremely likely to be worked out without difficulty.

Best wishes ~


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