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I got the HIPPA blues...and really I shouldn't blame HIPPA because it would even fall under the catagory of NMNTS (Not My News to Share). But one of the things that bites about living and working in a small town is when because of work you know something about someone you also know in the community. It's not "juicy" news...it's sad news and really there isn't anyone to talk to about it. We were too busy at work at the time to have a "debriefing" with a co worker. I'm just sad about it. Other than talking to my dog...anyone do any else to help you move on?

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Sorry to hear you are sad. I think your dog is about all you are allowed to share with. We are here for you though, you can talk in general terms. I know thats not the same as telling someone whats going on sorry but I think privacy is valuable. I hope they do provide time to debrief soon at work.

I was wondering, what about people with whom you have a therapeutic or ministerial relationship? Anyone know what the rules are in those cases?


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We must work at the same facility. I had a very depressing shift Saturday, and I'm sitting here thinking about it still. And like you I live in a community where everyone knows everyone. I'm sorry for what you're going through, but just posting this post is helping me a bit. It's sometimes hard in this profession when we can't get together with good friends and talk about our days - good or bad.

I wonder about MrBill's post - does anyone know of rules regarding speaking about these tough things with other professional "debriefers"?

Anyway, sure hope your week gets better.


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Sorry for both your sad news *sighs* ...dogs are good listeners. Hope things improve quickly. As far as coping mechanisms, sometimes it helps me just to write it down, I am sure others have different ways.


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When my pet bunny is sick of listening to me vent, I write to get things out of my system.

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