reported to board for HIPAA violation

  1. I was recently fired for violating HIPAA. I was subsequently reported to the board for doing so. The board has instructed me to list potential employers pending the results of the "investigation". I know that because of what I did, the board will not revoke or suspend my license, but probably, i will have to take CEUS. What will the board tell my potential employers? i have received job offers but am scared of what the board is going to tell them. any info would be great!
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  3. by   chare
    As to what the results of the BON investigation will be, or what information they might provide to a prospective employer, no one can say for certain. Have you discussed your situation with a lawyer, preferably one with experience in BON issues? If not, you might consider doing so.

    As far as potential future employers, have you been completely honest with them during the application and interview process? Have you fully explained what you did at your last job, the actions that your previous employer took, and the fact that you are under “investigation” by the BON? If you have, and they are still willing to offer you a position, my though would be that the results should not cause them to retract your offer.

    Best wishes as you move forward with your next job!
  4. by   KCMnurse
    How can they ask you about prospective employers? I know the BON marches to it's own beat but if you are not currently employed, you could potentially have dozens of prospective employers. Are they wanting to reach out to places that have formally offered you a position? If they are not going to revoke or suspend, what do you anticipate? I hope you have a lawyer working on your behalf? I wish you the best.