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  1. This was a home study but the deadline has expired. It is still worth reading.

    HIPAA Home Study CE-What RNs need to know - part one

    HIPAA Home Study CE-What RNs need to know - part two
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    AWESOME!!!! That is an excellent article with tins of information simply put!
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    i'm responding to a question about the white boards on another forum.
    [font=&amp]from page 8 of part 1
    incidental uses and disclosures.many customary healthcare communications and practices play an important or even essential role in ensuring that individuals receive prompt and effective healthcare.

    due to the nature of these communications and practices, as well as the various environments in which individuals receive healthcare or other services from covered entities, the potential exists for an individual's health information to be disclosed incidentally. for example, a hospital visitor may overhear a provider's confidential conversation with another provider or a patient, or may glimpse a patient's information on a sign-in sheet or nursing station whiteboard.

    the hipaa privacy rule is not intended to impede these customary and essential communications and practices and, thus, does not require that all risk of incidental use or disclosure be eliminated to satisfy its standards. rather, the privacy rule permits certain incidental uses and disclosures of protected health information to occur when the covered entity has in place reasonable safeguards and minimum necessary policies and procedures to protect an individual's privacy.

    hipaa home study ce-what rns need to know - part one

    hipaa home study ce-what rns need to know - part two