1. I work at an agency for Adults with Developmental Disabilities... My title given was a Healthcare Coordinator or Clinical Assistant. I transported individuals to all Dr's appointments. I recently traveled out of state I'm a company vehicle for a dentist appointment for a certain individual. Being that it was my first out of town trip I was a little nervous and apprehensive to drive alone with my individual in such a long trip being she was female as well... I made the mistake of talking my husband along who had met this individual many times and were actually friends. She often asks me how he and my family are and to please say hello.... Needless to say I mentioned it to one person at work who reported me months later after being fired herself for different reasons... What can I do if anything and how much trouble am I in.???? Can anyone help me???
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  3. by   MunoRN
    What specifically are they saying was the HIPAA violation? Did you disclose specific medical information about this patient to your husband without their consent?
  4. by   JKL33
    Hmm. What feedback have you received so far - such as how did all of this (reporting) come to your attention? Has your employer said anything to you? Are they speaking about it in terms of a HIPAA violation? What is the context of your husband being friends with this individual?

    I hate to make you feel worse, but I'm going to mention this as a heads-up: The bigger problem may be the employer's umbrage at the inherent liability of what you did. Although it is understandable to want someone else along for conversation, etc., the employer did not vet/clear your husband to spend time with clients/patients, KWIM? Even though your husband may be a person of integrity, can you see how the employer can't just say it would be okay for other random people (employees' friends, family or acquaintences) to ride along with clients? Also, you can't have non-employees and non-patients traveling in a company vehicle. The employer surely has insurances related to the transporting they do, and their policies don't include others that you invite along.

    I don't know any helpful advice at this point. Is this something the employer has already brought to your attention or a former coworker trying to stir up trouble? I guess if your employer asks for an explanation, let them know you meant well and didn't realize all the implications of your decision.

    Hope you can get this ironed out