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Specializes in PEDI CVICU; ECMO.

Can we order scrubs now, or do we wait until orientation?


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Congrats y'all!!!

I'm in my first semester like corrinepaige91 but I'm in the DM morning cohort. Be ready to study study study. It'll be worth it tho. :-)


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Congrats everyone! I got in Dale Mabry Cohort 3. I was hoping for Southshore but oh well. See you all at orientation!


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I got my acceptance letter via email last Thursday. Will be attending Dale Mabry campus cohort 4, evenings.


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Wait. I just saw an email saying I was accpeted into dale mabry days. I have one email saying accpeted and one saying denied. crazy

YES! Same thing happened to my friend. Phewww! Nerve racking. Congrats


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I got in too... Dale Mabry Cohort 4 Evenings/Weekends

Super excited.

Hi Barbie! I also got cohort 4 evenings :)


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Congrats everyone! Make sure to start your clinical paperwork ASAP! Word of advice, for every form that you get filled out by a doctor or your immunizations...make sure it has the facility name, address, contact info. Get a signature from the doctor..even in your immunizations and titers! That should save the headache of having to redo clinical paperwork. I'm in NP1 southshore now so if you have any questions I can help the best I can :)


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Can we order scrubs now, or do we wait until orientation?

The scrub company will be there to fit you for your scrubs, so I would wait.


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I went to HCC last September and inquire about their nursing , they told me and put on my application paper

that I am for Spring 2018 since I still need to wait for my transcript to be evaluated by Naces since I took my

BSN from a different country didnt finish it but I on my 3rd year.

My question now is , Acceptance for Spring 2018 are already done?

They told me I can still submit application since Deadline is Nov. 5 2017.

Also my GPS is not very good will they give me other options?

Thanks really looking in going to HCC since they are the cheapest in my area


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Hi I was wondering if anyone is looking to move after their acceptance into the program? I am planning on moving closer to the school and am looking for a roommate. I am thinking an apartment in west shore area or channel side and am looking for one or more people to share the place and split rent with. Please dm me if you're interested. I am only looking for female roommates.

Hello. I'm planning on applying for the program for Fall 2018. I'm currently taking A&P I with lab. I'm doing really great! i'm trying to get an A in both the lecture and the lab. I've already taken Sociology, College Algebra and Eng Comp I. I received an A and two Cs in those three classes, not so great. But what is a higher maths class I can take to boost my gap? This Spring I will be taking A&P II and Micro. Please any suggestions. zip heard the cutoff for spring was a 3.6. Thank you

Can I ask what was your goal? I plan on applying for Fall 2018.

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