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Highlands, NC???


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Does anyone know anything about highlands, nc?

I'm an ER/psych nurse with 1 yr experience and I'm trying to get my first assignment. I've been talking to american mobile, virtual healthcare staffing,and american traveler. This assignment is a 13weeker offered by sunbelt staffing. I did my phone interview yesterday and it went well but it is a very small hospital in the mountains with only a 6 bed ER staffed by 1 RN and 1 doctor. The RN does everything from registration to entering orders to the addmission. However they only see about 10 patients per day according to her. I have to ask my recuiter again but I think the pay is between 26-28$. I'm 22, single, I dont know anyone there and theres probably not much for me to do for fun.....any advice??? THANKS!

Whether or not there is anything for you to do "for fun" depends on what you consider fun. Highlands is a small resort/vacation town in the middle of Natahala National Forest in the Blue Ridge mountains. People come from all over the country to vacation there. There are all kinds of outdoor activities -- hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, skiing, etc. The small downtown area has many interesting little shops -- antiques, crafts, etc. The town is

If you are accustomed to larger, fast-paced, urban hospitals, a small rural hospital like the one in Highlands will be a big change, but there are many good things about working in a setting like that. It does require you to be more flexible and more of a "jack of all trades" than larger, busier facilities.

Whether or not you would enjoy an area like Highlands is up to you, but I hope this info is helpful.


I graduated in may 2003 from FAMU. Good luck with finding your first assignment. I have been traveling since March, and I am on my second assignment. I know this is off topic.

Rattler pride,



Specializes in NICU,ER, psych.

HI Rattler!!! You graduated when I was in my first semester so I'm sure I'm sure we crossed paths in that old building. All of the teachers have left except Dr. Fennal, unfortunatly. Dont know how much longer that program is going to last. How is traveling going for you? Which company are you with and where have you gone? I've been working at CRMC in the ER and at apalachee center PRN. I hate CRMC and my last day is the 19th so I'm trying to get an assignment after new years so I'm starting to get frustrated with looking. Until then I have apalachee center to fall back on.


Where is CRMC and at apalachee center? Yes, the program is going down. Did you find an assignment yet? e-mail dhenleyrn@yahoo.com

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