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High School senior with a few questions

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I was wondering, if I choose to go to george brown college and take their practical nursing program will I be eligible for the bridging to BscN program they currently offer, after I finish the practical nursing program?

Is there any pre-requisites I should be aware of before applying to the bridging program?

Is there anything I need/require to do before I do the rpn program? Is there a test of some sort?

If I do, do the bridging course, will I be in a BscN program once I finish or is it not that simple? Do I have to apply somewhere after finishing the bridging?

I currently have GBC and Centennial on my list of "apply to", any other colleges that could be recommended to me will be very helpful. I was thinking about humber but, I don't really know.

I may have more questions later on, Thanks.

Have you reviewed the current admission requirements for George Brown's RPN bridge to BScN program? PN students who are interested in bridging post graduation, should do their best to keep their GPA well above 75% in order to be a competitive applicant.

loriangel14, RN

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Yes once you are finished the RPN program you can apply to the bridge. Once you complete the bridge and pass the NCLEX you will be an RN. The bridge takes 3 years. Check into the requirements for the bridge. They have an average you have to maintain and some require that you do not fail any subjects in the RPN program.

Before you get into the RPN program you will have to write the HOAE exam. Humber is a decent option.

If I get accepted, will I receive a letter regarding the HOAE/pre-admission exam and where to apply? I'm asking because I can't find any information on george brown's site.

loriangel14, RN

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Yes you will get info on it. You can purchase a study guide for it too

Why would a recent high school grad require an admission exam?

loriangel14, RN

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It's the Health Occupations Apptitude Exam. I don't know if all colleges require it but some do at least. It doesn't matter if you are a high school grad.

Do I not require it if I'm a recent high school grad?

loriangel14, RN

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My daughters both had to take it for their programs and they were recent grads. But check with the program.

Depending which school that accepted you, they will either send you an email or a package that will tell you what you need to do for you admission. Just follow the instructions and you will be set. Some schools may require an admission test and some schools may not, it will be written in the instructions.

Bridging will be after your practical nurse program so you don't need to stress about that right now. Just enjoy and learn how to be a great nurse in the program and the marks will follow.