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High School Classes

by nickbanaitis nickbanaitis (New) New Pre-Student

I am currently in high school and I have decided that I would like to study nursing and become a nurse. I need to pick my science classes for my junior and senior year, but I am stuck. My high school does not require students to take Physics, but I am unsure if I should take it anyways if it would be a good idea if I want to go into nursing. My school also has science elective classes like anatomy and forensics that I can take as well. Should I take physics? Would it be better to take Anatomy and Forensics?

Take the anatomy class and pay close attention. And don't forget Chemistry if you have not already taken it.

Depend on the school you want to go, there may/may not be prerequisite classes required. E.g. Some high-ranking schools, like UW will need classes taken before you apply to the nursing school. Other schools, like my school for BSN, will have you take the classes at the 1st year. We took anatomy, Microbiology, physiology, so just take it as a reference. Hope my answer helps! And good luck with studying!