Hi! I am new at this, can't even figure out how to watch the video!;) I am thinking about being a travel nurse, and was wondering if anyone has done that? Do you have to get a license for each state? Any information would be appreciated, any helpful hints too! Thank you!


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Hi nrtrn!

I'm new too, just joined yesterday. You should have gotten a welcome email, just click on the link and it should take you right to the video of Brian's instructions. Very helpful, just click on the arrow and you should be all set.

I moved from SF to Boston as a traveler. Yes, you have to get a license for each state you work in, and the process is not the same for every state. I can walk into Maine's Board of Reg nursing and walk out with a ME license. It took me over 6 weeks and over 400.00 to get my Mass license. argh. Sometimes your travel company will help you with htis- with the process or the expense, do some research.

RE; travel nursing. I would strongly suggest getting a position that is 1 level below your ability. I was a Peds ICU nurse and took a travel position on a regular pedi floor. It's very stressful being "the new kid" and learn all you need to know in just a few days. Most hospitals give their travelers a 1 or 2 day orientation, 1 day on the floor and then you're on your own. I didn't even know how to call the doctor because I didn't know what New Hampshire area code was! The stupidest things can really make your day difficult. I couldn't get the crib side rails down- there was a little lock underneath that noone thought to show me. That kind of stuff...

Don't be deterred, travel nursing can be extremely rewarding. Good luck! :nurse::roll


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