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Hi I am new :)

Hi everyone. I have decided to stop lurking and post a thread. I want to become a RN. Currently I am registered for Physiology, the last prereq class I need to apply for the program. I am 25, married and have a 16 month old daughter.I am also a fulltime caregiver (with my mother who is a physical therapist) to my 18 year old sister who was in a car accident in April of this year. She is diagnosed as a quadrapalegic. I have a psychology degree from University of California, Irvine but decided to go back to school (community college) to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. I am lucky that I can take classes and be a stay at home mom to my daughter and a helping hand to my sister. I am very very close to my family. I just want to thank you all here. I finished Anatomy with an A whoo-HOo :) All the links were so very helpful when studying. I even missed a lab because of the flu but I still did well on the practicle thanks to all the pictures and diagrams on the links. Technology is amazing! I was wondering if anyone has any advice for studying Physiology. I took chem and organic chem but didnt really like the classes even though I did pretty well in them. I am going to dust of those books so I have a heads up for Physiology which starts in Jan 31. So thats me and I hope to posting here lots more :)


Hi there, and welcome to Allnurses.

Good luck in school.



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:balloons: hello and welcome to allnurses.com:balloons:

great that you have finally posted here. we look forward to seeing more of your posts. i wish you continued good luck in school.

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:) welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you! :balloons: i am so sorry about your sister, she sure is lucky to have you and your mother.

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