hi all future nurses!

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i i'm a new member! i'm so glad to share my thoughts with u! :: :roll.

At first i was looking for some professional ways to how to write a nursing diagnosis with it's global interventions!

yes i'm new here!. But, what a luck!:o

i couldn't find a proper site for what i was searching for, but i found this wanderfull website.

this how i insert my name to be one of u:balloons: i'm soooooo happy! : www.dhofari.8m.com


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HI and welcome to the boards. Glad to meet you.


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i thanks all how replay my message.


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dears, i want to ask you all about what i'm looking for,

a model from nursing diagnosis,iterventions and rationals.!


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dear blue eyes:

what kind from u to read my message

i only in this career ten month in the first year class! & i'm very happy to know u.

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Hi! Where are you located? Can't read the language on the website you provided. I gather English isn't your first language?

Welcome! Can't help you with the nursing diagnosis though. I'm so old we didn't have the internet when I was in school and we had a book. I'm sure though someone can provide a good website.


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There are great nursing diagnoses in the text by Doenges, called Nursing Diagnoses. I am sure you can find it in


look it up under Doenges.

good luck.

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Hello Naina ! :)

Welcome to the BB. Are you in school or already working as a nurse?

Feel free to ask for what you need.. we'll help if we can, or lead you to a source of help.

Good to have you on board !

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