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I graduted nursing school back in 1998 and I took break from Nursing, don't ask me why. I decided to take my board exam in Ohio and I just found out that I failed :o Can anyone recommend a review course that they took because I need all the help that I can get...:-)

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Try the Kaplan review course. We had a teacher come to our class for 3 full days and go over most of the content on the NCLEX. I also used the online review tests and CD tests/review. Kaplan was way better that Saunders, and they guarantee you passing or you get your money back.....GOOD LUCK!!


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I too failed NCLEX the first time...and the second time. I took the advice of Suzanne4, who posts frequently on this site (check out the NCLEX forum). She recommends Saunders and doing at least 100 questions/day. What I liked about Saunders is that they explain the rationale as to why each answer is incorrect. Kaplan (at least when I took it) mainly focused on how to use their strategies with each question/answer choice. But, I can say that I did benefit from both Kaplan and Saunders. There was a question on NCLEX in which the answer came word-for-word from material in the Kaplan text. Good luck with your decision.

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