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Hi Can Someone Tell Me if I Have This Concept Correct Please?

Hi can someone tell me if I have this concept correct?

-From my knowledge edema can occur from several deviations from homeostasis such as inflammation, reduced solute in the blood ergo albumin, heart disease, fractures, fluid and electrolyte imbalance (What else am I missing?)

I know edema includes the increase in capillary permeability thus the blood volume or fluid volume is increased in that area.

With that said, the intervention of elevating the foot is bringing the blood or the fluid accumulation back to the heart thus decreasing the edema correct?

Also, How does elevating the foot decrease capillary permeability in edema?

Gravity. The area is no longer dependent. Which like you said, aides in circulation of fluids back to the heart and away from the elevated area

It doesn't decrease permeability. As the previous poster stated its gravity at work.

When people are sitting the leg is in a dependent position and fluid can accumulate. It happens less when walking because of increased circulation and the fact that the calf muscles can act like somewhat of a second heart and help "pump" the blood back up. The blood is still working against gravity though so it's less effective. Elevating the limb helps "drain" the fluid.


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Don't forget about the body's amazing lymphatic system either ;)


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