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I am new to this site, I am a qualified RN Nurse from Northern Ireland, I am qualified about 10 years now and I am in the process of hoping to move to the States with my Husband.

I am hope to start the NCLEX process in the next few months and any info at all on this would be most helpful and appreciated for the green newbie!

I have been in contact with a few agencies, but still unsure should i use one or go it alone, the agency I am looking into recruits for two hospitals in Florida which is ok, but we would ideally like to go to California. I am happy to start somwhere and then move on as I am aware most hospitals like you to stay with them for a period of time which is fine, so any ideas will help.

I was also wondering does anyone know that me being in the district nursing environment for the past 4 years will do me any harm with my application for work in the hospitals, I do want to get back into the hospital environment, I was a surgical nurse for 5 years and hope to get back to this or emergency room nursing. I am willing to do some shifts back with an agency here if required, no problems.

Hope I wont be picking all your brains too much, looking forward to being on the site and knowing I am doing the right thing for my future, I am not getting any younger!!!!



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Hi and welcome to the site

I have moved your thread to the International forum as there are a few things to be aware of

Retrogression. Affecting many nurses at the moment with a long wait, may want to consider using the diversity lottery if you was born in Northern Ireland, may be quicker.

We do not recommend California initially for registration as they destroy your file after 3 years unless you provide them with a SSN and that you will not get until in the US and prove you have a valid work visa. Also no need to use a agency, better control doing it yourself. Agencies prefer acute employment (ie you are currently working in a hospital) but going direct would rely on you and the employer. California has a high unemployment rate so may find it hard to find a employer (as is a lot of other places in the US)

I would suggest a good read on this forum

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