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HFCC Nursing Program?


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I am starting my prerequisites in fall 2010 for nursing at hfcc, i heard the waiting list can be up to 3 years. Is this true? I completed some prerequisite's and i am a 4.0 student. I have a cousin in the program and graduates next month, he said he got called four months after putting his name on the wait list? Is math 074 required if you placed into a higher level math with the compass? Any tips/thoughts about nursing program?


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I don't know about the whole getting called after being on the wait list for four months. That means he was called befor all the students who have been waiting almost two years (like me). I was put on the wait list march 09...I was told i would be in winter 11 or spring 11. (I have a 3.78). So yes there is a long list of people waiting to get in and yes it may take up to 3 yrs...but and here is the silver lining in the whole thing: 1. once you take your net and pass you are in, you just have to wait till you get your letter 2. they are opening up a spring semester to HFCC students (this was once reserved for Henry Ford Hospital employees). Given that I believe the wait won't be as long for you as it has been for others. If i was you though...with that awesome GPA I would switch to Wayne State University; they have not entry test to get in and as long as you have no repeats in you pre-requisits than you will get in for sure. Its a longer program though...but if you are going to wait 3yrs you might as well take their 4yr BSN (unless money is an issue)

I've been on the HFCC nursing wait list since May 2009. I received a letter for admissions into the Spring 2011 class, but I had to defer it to Fall 2011. Good luck!!

Hi All I have been reading the post on here for years this is my first post. I am have been on hfcc waiting list since july 09, I am told I should get a letter soon for this fall. I just wanted to touch base with others that may be starting this fall. Its been a long road already!!

hey smb and chimere,

i went on the list july 2009 and got a letter for fall 11 also. 2 years was a long time but the wait is over. see ya at the july meeting.

Hey Washilla

I got my letter the other day, Yes, 2 years seems like a life time, I just hope the 2 years we are in the program fly by!!!! I'll see you at the meeting in July!!!! I am soooo excited :-)

I waited a full 2 years. Got on the list in spring 09 and finally got my letter for fall last month.

Hey fms77

So you are starting in the fall as well!!!!! Great!!!! I guess we will see each other at the meeting on Monday... I don't know what I am wearing yet, but maybe we can post Sun, what we will be wearing Mon. so we can all connect with each other, we are about to start a long journey together :)