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Hey ya'll! Couple questions.

by sunesis46 sunesis46 (New) New

I'm a first semester nursing student and am doing a presentation but I can't seem to find exactly what the "unit practice council" and "surgical care improvement" is. Pardon my ignorance but could someone fill me in?

Thank you!

Wave Watcher

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I just now "googled" it to make sure there was plenty of information to read and research.....there is. Have you tried to search the internet?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Surgical care improvement project is a Joint Commission initiative: Surgical Care Improvement Project | Joint Commission

Adding the word project to any searches may get you some better results. Also, for councils try searching on shared governance.

Google did indeed have a wealth of search results, and those search results can lead you to the peer-reviewed sources you will need for your assignment. Your school's librarian can also be an excellent resource for learning how to use alternative search terms to come up with better results.

Thank you rose and wave! Perhaps I was not wording it right in the search. The results I was getting were a little "out in right field" I'm good to go now, thanks again!