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there have probably been a million threads asking this same question, but I'm looking for some specific answers because I'm so confused by what I've researched thus far.

I know that your pay rate, whatever kind of nurse you are, hugely depends on what city and state you happen to work in. obviously, i live and am going to be working in Mass. so, that being said, I appologize in advance if this is the one billionth time you come across a thread asking this very same question BUT...

how much is the starting pay rate in Mass for LPNs? yes, it depends on some things, but how much is not enough and how much is right? I hear a lot of people complain about their salaries and others who say nurses make really great money. And I've talked to a few LPNs who say they make 13 bucks an hour and others who claim to make 25 an hour and have only been a nurse for like a year! it's so confusing...any help? :confused:

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If this helps, I started out at $21./hr at Healthsouth Rehab. That was more than 4 years ago, and I've since moved out of state. I can tell you this - I don't make $21/hr now, 5 years after getting out of school :crying2: cause I moved to the south.....

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You can call the human resource department of any hospital or maybe even LTc I am not positive about long term care, they should be able to give you a ball park figure on what the new grads starting pay is and what their ceiling pay is. I am in florida and am at ceiling pay. 21.50 not including shift differential or my yearly pay raise over the hourly mark which this year amounted to an additional 800.00 as a bonus in a separate check.


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I never thought to call human resources and ask. Seems like a DUH! kind of solution haha! But that's a good idea. I'll call some hospitals and ask questions before I apply to any of them. Thanks for the advice! :D

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