Hey, I've cleared my head and decided to pursue nursing anyway


I made a thread about being rejected from a LPN program earlier this month. I cried my eyes out and felt that I had no future.

Well, I didn't want to just totally give up so I enrolled in community college again so I can finish off my pre reqs for RN. Maybe this route is best anyway. That way if I don't get accepted into one RN program I can try for others, wheras with the LPN program I couldn't do that.

My math was kinda weak, and I had not taken any math in like 3 years. I've registered for math so when I take the NET I'll be prepared.

So just thought I'd give everyone an update because I was very sad and depressed to hear I wasn't accepted into the program. I had told everyone that I was (wishful thinking) so it's embarassing to see it didnt happen for me

I appreciate all the support from everyone in the other thread. Right now I'll just attend classes and try to enjoy my life

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Good for you! Glad to hear you didn't let getting rejected from ONE measley college get in the way of persuing your dreams.


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I'm happy for you! ...I know that it must have been hard to follow our counsel to redirect your energies into a community college RN program, but they really are the best avenue into nursing today!

Believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep us updated, we'll be pulling for you...

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That's GREAT! Never give up on your dreams. My goal was to be accepted into a BSN program....which I never thought would happen....and here I am going into second semester! Give it your all and everything will fall into place. :heartbeat


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That's wonderful! Good to hear you are not giving up on your goal to be a nurse. Good luck to you!!

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