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I would like for each and every one of you who work with the elderly to stand up for yourself and show support!!! You need to go into the General NSG discussion board and read under the title "Nursing Homes Giving nurses a bad rap". You will be completly disappointed with the first post. I just ask that you share you wonderful experiences to a nursing student who appears to not know what true nursing is all about. She is leading in the wrong direction..........Thank you.........

~~~~a geriatric nurse forever!!!!!~~~~~~

Went there, did that! Thanks for the "heads up", lyndalous! I am sorry that she/he feels that way. Hope no one else is affected by that attitude!

Thanks deebsn98:

I appreciate you reply.... we geriatric nurses need to stick togather... acutally nurses in general.... Thank you for sharing your special views.......

Lyndalous - Yes, I've seen that post. Kind of scary, isn't it? My only hope is that the writer is a new student who hasn't yet been exposed to nursing and she/he will learn very soon the realities of the field.

I love geriatrics, and feel sorry for those people who think it's not "real nursing". As I said in my post, I prefer "high touch" to "high tech".

Yes Comricrn I did read the post.. I am so happy to see everyone putting their thoughts down to show how much our elderly really mean to us.... I agree with high touch... I just hope the student realizes she offended many caring nurses and apoligizes!! But I did post my reply rather nicely and told her I feel sorry that she feels that way.... and maybe one day her view will change because we would rather have a shortage than a nurse who does not know how to care!!!!

I don't know about you with your location but in MN we are getting three day turn arounds on patients with IVs, total knee replacements, new trachs, and dialysis in our nursing homes. Due to the hospitals discharging so quickly most of the patients going to LTC facilities aren't really long term care anymore. They are more rehab and transitional care going from hospitals to LTC to home with home care. Daily discharges and admissions range from 1-8 per day. So geriatric nursing is changing but also for those residents that are long term care are demanding much more from a loyalty and trusting stand point. Some residents in LTC facilities live and breath off their interaction with staff. There is nothing more rewarding to me knowing I may be the last smile this person sees before dying. I have the control of impacting thier final days of life!!!!

lyndalous, thank you for going to the trouble of asking for help. i posted a message and i was hot! i wish i could have been as eloquent as COMICRN but i was too insane at the time. pms didn't help my reply to her either. i hope she wakes up.

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