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Hessi Exam

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Hi everyone, I am new to the site I would like to know if anyone has any advice for Hessi takers X3 I am nervous, tired, and just don't know

So here's how the HESSI works at my school...

You take the Hessi right after you finish the peds class...you must make an 850 to pass. If you are unsuccessful - you must sit out of classes for 5 weeks and do a remediation packet (I'm talking this thing fills up a notebook). You have another opportunity to take the test at the end of that 5 weeks...if you are again unsuccessful...you're pretty much SOL.

My best friend who is 6 months ahead of me in the program just failed the Hessi last week...so now I'm pretty nervous because I know I'll be taking it soon...

She said she did a lot of NCLEX review books/CDs...but the questions are NOTHING like that...I don't know - I'm probably not the best person to be posting on this thread being that I have no first hand knowledge of the HESSI...but I wish you the best of luck! :)


We've done Hesi's since the beginning and they just convert it to a grade and they count towards our final grade. It is a bit harder, but also helps prepare for the Nclex in a way because it covers stuff you haven't necessarily been taught in class. I have only done REALLY well on 1 of my 6 Hesi's :-( hope this last one is a charm!

I just graduated from nursing school and we have to take the hesi and get 850 are better. My suggestion to you is to study the saunders from front to back... Once you have went back over all your material.. such as each med surg system, go back over your fundies, Go back over MAth IV Heprin Drip,.. And than start answering questions from everywhere.. Because the Hesi aint like no other test... They ask questions and the answer that they are looking for is on one hand knowledge and on the other hand its something out of the norm. So just study everything because you just don't no what would be on the test. .. If you have an Hesi book .. Go back over the disk.. And as I said earlier just start answering questions everywhere..... May God Bless...

We take the Hesi at my nursing school, and I have found that med pubs makes a review book that is similar to the Hesi review book, only written in more simple terms. I think that this book is amazing and I have used it for 4 Hesi exams now. Just remember to relax the night before the test, and be calm during the exam. Also, I found that a dab of lavander extract on my wrist helps. When I feel that i am getting nervous during the test I smell my wrist and it calms me.

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