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I'm not sure what section this belongs in. My school went from using HESI exit tests to using Kaplan exit tests and I am doing horrendous on Kaplan. So much so that I am really wondering if I am going to pass the NCLEX in December/January. I was doing great on all the HESI's (Fundamentals, Med Surg, and Psych) so doing so bad on the Kaplan in peds and OB threw me for a loop.

For anyone how has taken both HESI and Kaplan exit tests and taken the NCLEX, which do you feel is more representative of the actual NCLEX?

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This might be a difficult question to answer. I too started with HESI and then my program changed to Kaplan. I too had a problem at first, but then I got into the Kaplan groove and started doing much better.

I think that the Kaplan questions are more representative of the NCLEX, but I do think they are a little "Harder". If you can make 50-60's at Kaplan I think you will do well on the NCLEX. Kaplan suggests a score of 65% to have a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX. I really don't think that means everything except they know that if you are scoring a 65% you are doing well.

I wouldn't stress over this, just continue to do your best. The NCLEX looks like Kaplan's question interface so it feels a little comfortable when you sit down for the NCLEX.

Hope this helps.


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I'm just worried that with only one semester left, I am no longer nearly as prepared as I thought I was despite my class grades and HESI performances.

It's not like I'll do anything different really. Lot's of practice questions before taking the NCLEX from lots of different sources.


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Hi Im the opposite, I've been taking Kaplan but my programs exit exam is now HESI. I am currently averaging a 69 on Kaplan but I need an 80 on my HESI exit to pass, it's really nerve wrecking, any advice?